OPT.Clip PRO front clip for prescription lenses

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The OPT.Clip PRO is the heart of the SIOLS.System sports glasses for glasses wearers. The optical glazing is simply clicked between the PFR.Frame PRO frame and your favorite VSN.Shield lens. This also works with very high prescriptions and for varifocal lenses. The OPT.Clip PRO is clicked onto the frame from the front, which means that the optical lenses have the usual distance from the eyes, as with normal everyday glasses. That's why long eyelashes have enough space and thanks to the ACM ventilation, the OPT.Clip PRO remains reliably fog-free, even in combination with the various VSN.Shields.

During sporting breaks, the VSN.Shield front screen can be removed and the clip and frame can be worn as optical glasses. And if your eyesight changes, you don't have to buy the entire pair of glasses again, but simply have new optical lenses inserted into the OPT.Clip.

  • oversized and borderless field of view: 49mm standard and 55.5mm XL version
  • The 49mm standard variant is suitable for very high prescription lenses of up to +/- 15 dioptres and is also possible for progressive lenses
  • The 55.5mm XL version can be glazed up to +/- 3 dioptres
  • the ACM ventilation keeps the OPT.Clip in combination with the sports glasses fog-free
  • by putting on from the front, even long eyelashes have space
  • when changing prescriptions, the clip is simply rebuilt to new values ​​and all SYSTEM components continue to work together
  • uncomplicated handling
  • in 2 colors
  • unisex

The OPT.Clip PRO only fits in the System PRO frames (PFR.Frame PRO).

Available variants

  • Crystal Matt
  • Black Matt

Sizes available (XL general recommendation up to +/- 3 dpt, for higher values ​​the standard size should be selected). Both sizes are compatible with varifocals.


Your way to perfect vision:

In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, the OPT.Clip is not available online with pre-ground lenses.

  1. You take your SIOLS sports glasses to one of our SYSTEM partners or to the optical store of your choice.

  2. Your optician will then order the clip directly with your currently measured eyesight.

  3. You simply place the finished clip with your prescription on the frame and mount your favorite VSN.Shield over it with a flick of the wrist

Your way to perfect vision - our system partners

In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, the OPT.Clip is not available online with pre-ground lenses. You will be sent the clip with interim glass inserts without optical strength and you will have to go to the optician of your choice with it.

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