Speed ​​up your desires.

The SIOLS.System AERO line stands for speed and statement. Performance and style go hand in hand. Athleisure meets the most athletic demands. Equipment for the eyes is an it-piece. Uncomplicated and unisex. The AERO.Cycling Shields are perfectly tuned for use on the road. Perfect vision, also and especially for people who wear glasses, is the focus of attention. The rest revolves around unrestricted function at high speed. Inspired by athletes, the AERO.Cycling lenses are fully tailored to their task in terms of form, function, fit, bend, tint and mirroring. For cycling and all speed sports and in any weather.

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High definition and striking lines.

Unmistakable styling and high-end contrast filter. High definition, uncompromising performance and a touch of luxury appeal in XXL format. These are the AERO.Cycling Shields. The perfect choice, especially for athletes who need prescription lenses up to +/- 15 or varifocal lenses. The optical glasses are practically invisible and can be easily exchanged when changing the prescription. They are clicked in between the frame and the pane and snap firmly into place. This guarantees the perfect view of the road, but also the sports watch. The tint underlines the performance for different weather conditions, the ventilation and shape are completely tuned for speed. AERO.Shields fit perfectly with all SIOLS.System components and thus enable a huge selection for the most individually fitting sports glasses.

Developed in the wind tunnel, tried and tested by athletes during thousands of test kilometers on the road. The AERO.Cycling Panorama lenses combine all the quality features of the protected SIOLS technologies and guarantee perfect vision and uncompromising protection. Together with the PFR.Frame PRO in different colors, the OPT.Clip insert for variable personal vision and the DSN.Accessories, tailored to your own well-being during sport, the AERO.Cycling glasses become a performance statement.

Beyond the ordinary.

SIOLS.System AERO.Cycling PRO sports glasses bicycle

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The sports glasses system

A frame, an optional click-in clip for individual prescription and an AERO.Shield. This is the SIOLS system. And because it is a system, all components can also be replaced. This makes sense above all because it is about the best performance in your sport. Drafts and turbulence limit performance in high-speed sports. disturb the eye. Completely different requirements come into play when running or hiking. Heat must be able to escape. In any case, the view must be 100% correct. That's why SIOLS offers different discs for different sports. AERO.Shields are designed in such a way that they can be easily exchanged on the frame for every requirement and are therefore always the right choice.

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AERO.Cycling OPT.Clip: Optical glazing in XXL format

Perfect vision.

The OPT.Clip PRO is the heart of the SIOLS.System sports glasses for glasses wearers. Also with the SIOLS.System AERO line. This optical glazing is clicked between the frame and the AERO lens and snaps firmly into place. Thanks to our patented system, the optical glasses have the same distance to the eyes as everyday glasses and there is enough space for long eyelashes. This also works with very high prescriptions and special optical requirements. Should your eyesight change, you only need to insert new lenses into the clip, so you don't have to replace your entire pair of sports glasses. Matching the AERO.Shields, the field of vision is also oversized and borderless with the OPT.Clip PRO.

• Possibility of glazing up to +/- 15 dioptres) and cylinder & progressive lenses
• Fog-free thanks to ACM ventilation
• OPT.Clip & Frame also work without the Shield as normal glasses for sporty breaks

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In order for the optical glasses to fit your vision perfectly, the OPT.Clip must be individually adjusted in the optical shop of your choice.

Your way to perfect vision:

1. You go to the optician of your choice or to one of our SYSTEM partners with your SIOLS sports glasses, or your favorite frame and AERO.Shield.

2. Your optician will order the OPT.Clip directly with your currently measured prescription.

3. You simply place the ground-in clip on the frame and mount your favorite shield over it with a flick of the wrist. If the weather, your sport or your tastes change, all you have to do is change the windscreen. So you soon have many sports glasses in one.

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The system panes AERO.Shields

state of the art

The SIOLS.System AERO.Shields combine the most sporty demands with a lifestyle ambience. The boundaries blur, but the performance remains uncompromising. The AERO panoramic lenses are the quintessence of years of research in the wind tunnel, on the streets and on running tracks. The high-end contrast filter guarantees perfect vision in all weather conditions, the tints depend on the area of ​​application and are available in different categories and variable colors, and all AERO.Shields without exception have 100% UVA & UVB protection.

A special highlight is the rear window anti-reflective coating, which ensures that no reflections disturb the view from the inside to the outside.

The curvature of the discs and the various ACM ventilation systems are tailored to the requirements of the sport down to the smallest detail. Last, not least: The unmistakable styling, the striking lines and the characteristic mirroring make the AERO.Shields an absolute performance statement.

SIOLS.System AERO combinations

16 different PFR.Frame PRO colors and 5 AERO.Cycling Shields leave nothing to be desired. We have prepared some particularly popular combinations, but of course you can also individually combine your favorite frame and variant of the shield. Or order the replacement lens of your choice. The PFR.Frame PRO and the Aero.Shields also fit perfectly with all other system components.

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