The SIOLS.SYSTEM consists of individual, freely combinable system components that make it possible to meet the individual requirements of the wearer according to the type of sport, as well as the environmental conditions such as the time of day and year.

your sport. Your wish. your choice .
The maximum flexible performance sports glasses system with which every athlete is always individually and perfectly equipped. It doesn't matter whether you're a professional or amateur athlete, whether you're doing summer or winter sports, whether you have prescription or not: the SIOLS.System with its 13098 possible combinations enables maximum configuration and adaptation. Every detail, no matter how small, has been further developed over the years to perfection. The result is a sophisticated system of sports glasses for those who don't want to choose between style and function.

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The sports glasses system

A frame, an optional prescription optical clip and a sport-specific lens. All SIOLS.System sports glasses are made up of these components.
The PFR.Frame system frame is available in a total of 26 colors and in the standard or PRO version, with the PRO version being ideal for people who wear glasses.
Perfect for this: The optional DSN.Sweatstop PRO: keeps cold as well as sweat at bay, the Headband PRO ensures a perfect hold.

OPT.Clip system glazing

The prescription insert, which is clicked into the frame from the front, is the heart of the system for all spectacle wearers. The distance to the eye is the same as with normal glasses, the frame and clip can be worn as optical glasses during sporting breaks. Together with one or more of your favorite lenses, the individual sports glasses are perfect. Also for people with very high eyesight.

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OPT.Clip system glazing with prescription lenses

Perfect vision.

Glasses wearers are in the right place here. The SIOLS.System combines optical glazing with ideal lenses for various sports. The key to this is the OPT.Clip. This optical insert is clicked in between the frame and the lens. And from the front, we call this frontload. As a result, the optical lenses are the same distance from the eyes as normal glasses. This also works with very high prescriptions and special optical requirements. If your prescription changes, only new lenses need to be inserted into the clip and not the entire glasses need to be replaced. There are also two variants of the OPT.Clip to match our two frame versions.

The OPT.Clip PRO, suitable for the System PRO frame, enables the use of particularly large optical lenses. Because it is firmly clicked into the PRO Frame, it not only holds optimally, but the sports glasses lens can be removed, and the frame with clip can thus be worn as practical optical glasses during breaks in sports.

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In order to guarantee the highest possible quality, the OPT.Clip is not available online with pre-ground lenses.

Your way to perfect vision:

1. You will be sent the clip with interim glass inserts without optical strength.

2. You take it to the optician of your choice or to one of our SYSTEM partners (the package contains all the relevant information that your optician needs to prepare your individual prescription lenses and insert them into the clip).

3. You simply place the finished clip with your prescription on the frame and mount your favorite VSN.Shield over it with a flick of the wrist

The system discs AERO & VSN.Shields

Pure performance.

Years of development work, thousands of test kilometers. Together with aerodynamics engineers, we have perfected our innovative ventilation technology, which is used in all Shields, in the wind tunnel.

Our 59 different VSN.Shields and 18 different AERO shields offer perfect vision and uncompromising protection for everything you can think of.
Depending on the type of sport and the main area of ​​use, the shields differ in their aerodynamic properties and shape, as well as in the appropriate ventilation and tinting. All discs fit on both SIOLS.System frames and work with both OPT.Clip variants. The shields also have 100% UVA & UVB protection without exception. The tints depend on the area of ​​application and are available in four categories and in different variable strengths. The specially developed Air Circulation Management ensures that, depending on the sport, the focus is on more or less ventilation and protection against drafts and turbulence.

Most VSN.Shields are available in small and MAX sizes. All AERO discs have a standard size that can be used unisex.

The type of sport is decisive for the ventilation or the construction of the disc, the different versions are in turn offered in various tints (for different weather conditions).

AERO. Shields

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Speed ​​up your desires. Panoramic field of vision for all speed sports.

Just see more. Running, hiking etc. No sweating, more perspective.


The double discs for all winter sports in XL format.

For connoisseurs in gold & polarized grey

Selecting VSN.Shields

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Triathlon, road bike, speed skating

Running, hiking, walking but also sports like tennis at temperatures above +5°C

All sports at temperatures around and below freezing, such as alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, ski tours, snowshoeing, but also biking and running in wintry conditions.

VSN.Watersports (Polarization)
Sports on the water such as sailing, canoeing in white and flat water, but also fishing and leisure activities

Biking, cycling and other speed sports such as B. Inline skating at temperatures above +5°C

The system frame PFR.Frame

The Perfect Fit.

The two variants of the performance frame form the basis for the individually perfectly fitting sports glasses. With or without prescription lenses.

All frames are available in a wide variety of colors, from subtle pearl, pure black to bright neon yellow, anything that pleases is possible. Both frames can be perfectly adapted to your own nose and head shape and can of course be combined with all system lenses.


The Performance PRO frame is the best choice for people who wear glasses. Winner of the German Design Award Special 2021, it was developed over many years and adapts perfectly to any nose and head shape. With the oversized, rimless OPT.Clip PRO and your personal favorite lens, the PRO frame becomes the ideal sports glasses for all people with visual impairments. But even without an optical clip, the PFR.Frame PRO is the basis for hundreds of possible combinations of sports glasses.



The performance frame is a bit narrower in appearance and works with the smaller OPT.Clip as a prescription frame. This frame has also been perfected through thousands of facial studies and adapts optimally to every face and head without pressure points.


The accessories DSN.ACCESSORIES

Ideal addons.

Our accessories are functional extensions to our sports glasses frames.

The DSN.Sweatstop is mounted on top of the frame, it stops the flow of sweat in summer and blocks out the cold in winter without interfering with ventilation.

On the one hand, the DSN.Gearset individualizes the frame, making it possible to easily replace the parts that are in permanent contact with the skin. The

Headband PRO, on the other hand, ensures an extra strong hold so that you are also uncompromisingly prepared for ultra-sporty use.