#KIDSVISION sports glasses for children with prescription lenses

Uninhibited Joy.

Full freedom of movement, unlimited fun. In the classroom, in the schoolyard, in the gym, on the soccer field, in the skate park or on the climbing wall - children need to see well and not be restricted in order to be able to develop well mentally and physically. The right glasses that make you happy ensure that exclusion doesn't stand a chance and that self-confidence can develop appropriately.

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Individual like your child.

Like all optical glasses, SIOLS sports and leisure glasses with prescriptions for kids must be personally measured and adjusted by the optician so that the vision is 100% correct. That's why SIOLS does not sell pre-configured kids glasses online. The way to the perfect glasses for your child therefore leads to the optical store of your choice or our partner optical shops. There, a trained team takes care of the perfect fit and the equipment with the right optical glasses for the SIOLS.Kids glasses of your choice.

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Full Function.

Sports and leisure glasses for kids need very special requirements in order to fit and function perfectly. They have to be specially adapted to the child's anatomy, carefully developed according to the strictest standards and certified for sports use. Everything must be free of splinters, nothing must break, the glasses must fall outwards in an emergency. You have to be able to bend them and the temples have to encircle the head to ensure all-round protection. The frame must be adapted to the shape of the face to ensure a secure fit and a strap must be able to be attached to the temple to give the glasses more support. All SIOLS children's glasses for sports and everyday use with prescription lenses are designed to withstand even the toughest conditions.


For school and leisure.
Cool, distinctive and practical. The FUSION.Kids is perfectly suited for the classroom as well as for the gymnasium and any playground or sports field. It is very light, extremely stable and equipped with a lot of reliability and joy. The frame of these certified children's sports glasses is made of shatterproof, high-security plastic using a special process. It is heat, UV and cold resistant. The exchangeable SoftParts (ends, nose pads) in different colors are made of skin-friendly TPR without plasticizers. In addition, the FUSION.Kids glasses have a bumper that can be put on during sports so that it absorbs and deflects the force of a possible impact. To ensure that the glasses hold the head perfectly and remain in their intended place, the supplied headband can also be used on the side of the frame. The FUSION.Kids are suitable for all eyesight and are the first children's glasses in the world to be certified according to DIN 58184 School+Sport.

Sizes S (52) from 7 to about 10 years
Size M (54) from 10 to about 13 years

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Bullet proof protection.
Exactly what kids need in front of their eyes when they put in 100% physical effort. The INDOOR.Kids is the burner for hard sports use. It offers full protection, full freedom of movement, unbridled fun and uninhibited devotion. Like no other glasses, they are designed for school, club and indoor sports. The frame is absolutely splinter-free, without metal parts and sharp edges. It sits firmly on the head and the 3-point nose and side impact protection derives the pressure of any impact with the help of Empilon cushions. The INDOOR.Kids is suitable for all eyesight and a category 2 protective product in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and the EN 166:2001 standard. It is certified as suitable for school sports PLUS.

Size S: 6-10 years
Size M: 10-15 years
Size L: 15+ years

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best friend

The cool and practical all-rounder is made for use during school and leisure hours. The feather-light glasses can do anything and are tough. By simply clicking in the headband, the SIOLS.Buddy is also suitable for safe use in school sports, whereby the special mechanism for locking the headband can also be released again in a flash to make the SIOLS.Buddy fit for everyday life again. The individual prescription glazing can be used professionally by the optician as with any other everyday glasses. Of course, shatterproof materials are also used here, and the lenses fall out in hard cases so that the complete glasses protect the eyes safely.

Size S: 6-8 years
Size M: 9-11 years

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Fusion. Sun KIDS

Get outside.
Sun protection is a must, which is why the FUSION.Kids are also available as sunglasses. The perfect choice for wild leisure time and sunny sports afternoons. Cool, distinctive and practical. The world's first DIN-certified school sports glasses are a hit as sunglasses for kids. With the mountable impact protection with forehead and temple pads, the click-in headband and the high-quality TR90 material, it is exactly what lively kids need outdoors and combines all the advantages of highly effective sunglasses with the unbeatable features of hybrid glasses for prescription glasses.

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