The SIOLS.System winter sports goggles Thermo & Goggle

SIOLS.System Thermo

The SIOLS.SYSTEM thermal sports glasses are the perfect companions on cold winter days for the sport of your choice. It doesn't always have to be ski goggles that protect you during sports and allow you to see perfectly.

The thermal double lens balances the temperature between the eye and the environment in cold weather below 0°C. The air cushion inside the double lens warms, protects and keeps the glasses fog-free. The SYSTEM.Thermo sports glasses are therefore ideal for skiing, but also for cycling and running.


The SYSTEM.GOGGLE are the perfect ski goggles for all wearers of glasses: Inside. It is fully compatible with the SIOLS.System glasses and the associated optical clip for prescription lenses. Even large everyday glasses can be ergonomically integrated.

Stable and flexible down to the lowest temperatures. Thanks to the 3-layer polar fleece foam, it is water-repellent, anti-allergenic and pleasant on the skin. Special ventilation shafts (SIOLS.ACM: Air Climate Management) and soft foam mesh inserts ensure constant air circulation and allow accumulated heat to escape. 8+8 special magnets hold the disc securely on the frame even at the highest speeds. Nevertheless, the windscreen can be easily removed with one hand.
The goggle frames are available for combined use with the SIOLS.System sports glasses and also as a normal variant, each in the colors black matt and white matt.


SIOLS.System Goggle

Total Weight: 189g
Operating temperature: < 5°C
High-security plastic TR90 matt with cut-out for everyday glasses
Fit: unisex M/L
Disc changing system: magnet
Compatible with glasses wearers: Yes
Recommended use: alpine skiing, ski touring, backcountry, snowboarding

SIOLS.System PRO Thermo

Frame matt made of high-security plastic TR90
Shield: 100% UVA & UVB Protection 400, Distortion-Free Prismatic Balanced
Optical front clip available in M ​​& XL. Vision up to +/- 15 dpt
Total Weight: 32g
Operating temperature: > 5°
Use according to sport: Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, biking, running
Winner of the German Design Award


It is cold. The running track is icy, the trail is glistening, the slope is waiting. The eyes don't water. The glasses do not fog up. It is pleasantly warm but not damp under the goggles and no drafts disturb your vision. And the prescription fits perfectly.

Panoramic view.

The XL panorama lens of the SIOLS.System GOGGLE ensures perfect vision with 4 different contrasting tints in the most varied of lighting conditions. Due to the complex thermal double pane construction with anti-fog surface, the pane acts like an integrated air conditioning system and hardly starts up even in high humidity and sweaty activities.

OPT.Clip system glazing

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The prescription insert, clicked into the frame from the front, is the heart of the system for all spectacle wearers. The distance to the eye is the same as with normal glasses, the frame and clip can be worn as optical glasses during sporting breaks.

With your favorite THERMO lens or one of 52 other lens variants, the individual sports glasses are perfect. Also available for very high prescriptions.

Product overview

Our winter sports goggles are available in numerous colors and different tints. The VSN.Thermo system discs fit all system frames and are available in sizes MAX and small.