Goggle PFR.Frame ski goggles

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The System.Goggle ski goggles come with a case.


Max Flex. The PFR.Frame of the SIOLS.System GOGGLE is an all-rounder. It remains stable and flexible down to the lowest temperatures. It can be seamlessly integrated into standard helmets and the 3-layer polar fleece foam is water-repellent, anti-allergenic and feels comfortable against the skin. Special ventilation shafts ensure constant air circulation and allow accumulated heat to escape. Softfoam mesh inserts also support this continuous ventilation. Finally, 8+8 special magnets hold the disc securely on the frame, even at the highest speeds. However, it can be easily removed with just one hand so that the windshield can be changed in a flash.

The PFR.Frame of the goggle and the interchangeable lenses not only work with the SYSTEM OPT.Clip, but also excellently with all everyday glasses.

The special construction of the frame encloses the head of the athlete ergonomically. This means that the sports glasses can be worn without any pressure points and therefore without pain, even during long training sessions, despite a firm grip. ErgoFit also guarantees a perfect fit, even in combination with a helmet. Thanks to the height-adjustable nose pad in 6 sizes, the sports glasses can be adapted to different nose anatomies as well as to different head sizes in connection with the lens sizes.

The SIOLS prescription insert

The OPT.Clip PRO is placed on the frame from the front, which means that the optical lenses have the same distance to the eyes as normal glasses. The OPT.Clip PRO merges with the shape of the frame and snaps firmly into place. The frame offers a perfect hold and the clip can still be easily clicked out. Even with very high eyesight. During sporting breaks, the VSN.Shield windscreen can be removed and the clip and frame can be worn as glasses.