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Each SIOLS.Buddy is delivered in a sports bottle and with a headband

The SIOLS.Buddy is the cool and practical all-rounder and was designed for children to use in their free time and at school. Good vision is not only important in the classroom. When it comes to sports, good vision enables quick reactions and thus safety and performance. The feather-light glasses, which are tough, are comfortable to wear in the game and in everyday life. By simply clicking in the headband, the SIOLS.Buddy is also suitable for safe use in school sports. The special mechanism for locking the headband holds the glasses securely on the head when worn, but can also be released in a flash to make the SIOLS.Buddy fit for everyday use again
The individual prescription glazing can be used professionally by the optician as with any other everyday glasses. Of course, unbreakable materials are also used here so that the complete glasses protect the eyes safely. In the event of an impact, the lenses fall outwards out of the frame and never inwards towards the eye. The SIOLS.Buddy can be expertly adjusted by an optician so that it can be worn daily without causing pressure points.

Age suitability
SIOLS.Buddy 6-11 years