SIOLS.Indoor Kids
SIOLS.Indoor Kids
SIOLS.Indoor Kids
SIOLS.Indoor Kids
SIOLS.Indoor Kids
SIOLS.Indoor Kids

SIOLS.Indoor Kids

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Each SIOLS.Indoor comes with a case and a replacement design gear set

The sports glasses with unbreakable protection for the eyes as the top priority. Exactly what you need in front of your eyes when you are 100% committed to success in the hall. The high security plastic material and the integrated nose protection pad
provide additional protection in the event of accidental contact with the ball or club. The SIOLS.Indoor sits firmly on the head thanks to a length-adjustable headband and the safety lock releases in the event of excess tension. The glazing can be customized
can be adapted to your wishes - with and without prescription lenses.

The SIOLS.Indoor can be made approx. 20% wider or narrower by heating the side wings and thus optimally matched to the head width.

The SIOLS.Indoor is a category 2 individual protection product according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and the EN 166:2001 standard.

Breakage resistance
The high-quality filter discs are made of shatterproof polycarbonate (tested with 9 mm storage projectile, 124 g, from a distance of 15 m).

The individual prescription glazing (also available with varifocals) can be used professionally by the optician as with any other everyday glasses. Of course, unbreakable materials are also used here so that the sports glasses
securely protects the eyes. As is usual with indoor sports goggles, after a hard impact the lenses fall outwards and never inwards towards the eye out of the frame. Eyesights up to +/- 15 dioptres possible.

The SIOLS.Indoor Kids is available in the following colours:

  • Crystal Clear
  • Crystal Red
  • Crystal Blue
  • Crystal Blue Neon
  • Crystal Black
  • Crystal BlackBlue

Height and weight
The SIOLS.Indoor Kids is 45-17 and weighs 44g.

DIN 58184
Classification of fitness for school sports of children's sports goggles after Requirements catalog of the Ruhr University Bochum Suitable for school sports: Approval of the sports glasses for school sports as these offers more protection than a conventional one
everyday glasses. Suitable for school sports PLUS: "Full protection" of the eyes.

Children's sports glasses from SIOLS according to DIN 58184. Good vision is important for the motor development of children, which is why safe glasses are essential for school sports. With the new standard, the requirements are now specified. The sports glasses specialist SIOLS was intensively involved in the development of the new standard and offers corresponding sports glasses made of shatterproof materials specially developed for children.