SIOLS.System KONA sports glasses triathlon

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The SIOLS.System sports glasses come with a case.


The fully configured SYSTEM.Kona sports glasses are equipped for the toughest applications. Speed ​​and endurance, lots of sweat and lots of wind. These sports glasses must fit perfectly and, even for those who wear glasses, offer an unrestricted field of vision. The Kona glasses consist of a frame, an optional optical clip and special VSN.Kona shields in different tints that adapt perfectly to the surrounding conditions. These system components can be freely combined. If you want to configure your individual triathlon goggles, select a PFR.Frame System frame and one or more matching VSN.Shield Kona lenses .

Here you will find preconfigured combinations of the SYSTEM PFR.Frame and the System VSN.Shield, which are specially designed for use in triathlon. They consist of the following components


PFR.Frame frame

The sports glasses frame can be perfectly adapted to your own nose and head shape and can of course be combined with all system lenses. It is "one size fits all", slightly narrower than the PFR.Frame PRO in terms of appearance and can function as a prescription glasses frame using the smaller OPT.Clip. This frame has also been perfected through thousands of facial studies and adapts optimally to every face and head without pressure points.

  • Ergo Fit - The frame encloses the head ergonomically adjusted. Firm hold even during long training sessions
  • light, pressure-free fit, pain-free to wear
  • can be combined with helmets
  • unisex
  • 16 color options
  • optionally available with rimless OPT.Clip for prescription lenses up to +/- 15 dioptres
  • can be combined with 59 shield variants
  • expandable with Gearset, Sweatstop and Headband
  • There is also an optical clip for the frame that is simply inserted: OPT.Clip for prescriptions up to +/- 15 dpt.
  • There is an optical clip for the frame: OPT.Clip for prescriptions up to +/- 15 dpt.

The PFR.Frame is made of high security plastic TR90.
Operating temperature: > 5°
Total Weight: 32g

Available variants

  • White matt rubber touch

VSN. Kona Shields

These shields are specially designed for triathlon, racing bikes, speedskating and similar sports. The very low posture on the racing or triathlon bike requires an unrestricted view to the front. This is guaranteed by the extra large panoramic windscreen with extensive wind protection. Additional side ventilation slits ensure increased ventilation even in high heat.

All SIOLS VSN.Shields are 100% UVA & UVB protection 400, distortion-free prismatic balanced.

Available variants

  • Focus: CAT 3, tint 65% , weather conditions: sunny - cloudy

Air Circulation Management: From strong ventilation (VSN.Shield Running with 10-point ventilation) for very intensive sports activities, to protection against drafts and turbulence (VSN.Shield Biking with 6-point ventilation) for fast sports, to temperature compensation of up to 80 ° in winter: all system panes can be flexibly exchanged and used.

The special construction of the frame encloses the head of the athlete ergonomically. This means that the sports glasses can be worn without any pressure points and therefore without pain, even during long training sessions, despite a firm grip. ErgoFit also guarantees a perfect fit, even in combination with a helmet. Thanks to the height-adjustable nose pad in 6 sizes, the sports glasses can be adapted to different nose anatomies as well as to different head sizes in connection with the lens sizes.

Retina Shield: The design of every single lens in our range is the result of years of development work and thousands of test kilometers. Together with aerodynamics engineers, we developed our innovative ventilation technology for sports glasses in the wind tunnel. The result is a protected technology that we successfully use in all of our sports glasses: Retina Shield. It is the sum of all quality features of the SIOLS system lenses, which guarantee perfect vision and the best protection without compromise. An efficient and performance-oriented sports lens is characterized by its aerodynamic properties, ventilation and tinting. The lens is the "filter" between the environment and the eye and has two essential tasks. On the one hand to protect the eye from mechanical influences such as dust, on the other hand to support "seeing" as such through intensifying contrasts. Both components in combination with the best possible optical glazing result in the perfect sports glasses lens: the SIOLS VSN.Shield.

The SIOLS prescription insert

The OPT.Clip is placed on the frame from the front, which means that the optical lenses are at the same distance from the eyes as normal glasses. The interchangeable lenses of your choice are firmly clicked into place. This is how the system holds together. The OPT.Clip can be glazed up to +/- 15 dioptres, also with varifocal or cylindrical lenses.