SIOLS.System AERO.Running PRO sports glasses running
SIOLS.System AERO.Running PRO sports glasses running
SIOLS.System AERO.Running PRO sports glasses running
SIOLS.System AERO.Running PRO sports glasses running
SIOLS.System AERO.Running PRO sports glasses running
SIOLS.System AERO.Running PRO sports glasses running

SIOLS.System AERO.Running PRO sports glasses running

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The SIOLS.System sports glasses come with a case.


With the AERO.Running sports glasses you increase your athletic performance in all sports where it is important that your sports glasses do not fog up despite sweating. The AERO.Running shields are fully tailored to their task in terms of form, function, fit, curvature, tinting and mirroring. They provide unrestricted vision for running, hiking, walking, tennis, golf and outdoor training.

The goggles consist of a frame, an optional optical clip and our AERO.Shields Running in various tints and mirror finishes, which adapt perfectly to the surrounding conditions. These system components can be freely combined. If you want to configure your individual cycling glasses, select a PFR.Frame PRO system frame and one or more matching AERO.Shield running lenses.

Here you will find preconfigured combinations of the System frame and AERO.Shields Running, which are specially designed for use in speed sports. The running glasses consist of the following components:


The Performance PRO frame is the best choice for people who wear glasses. Winner of the German Design Award Special 2021, it was developed over many years and adapts perfectly to any nose and head shape. With the oversized, rimless OPT.Clip PRO and your personal favorite lens, the PRO frame becomes the ideal sports glasses for all people with visual impairments. But even without an optical clip, the PFR.Frame PRO is the basis for hundreds of possible combinations of sports glasses.

The OPT.Clip PRO that matches the frame is suitable for high prescription lenses, progressive lenses and cylindrical lenses.

  • developed for every nose and head shape
  • Ergo Fit - The frame encloses the head ergonomically adjusted. Firm hold even during long training sessions
  • light, pressure-free fit, pain-free to wear
  • can be combined with helmets
  • unisex
  • 16 color options
  • optionally with a large, rimless OPT.Clip PRO for prescription lenses up to +/- 15 dioptres
  • can be combined with 59 shield variants
  • Expandable with Gearset PRO, Sweatstop and Headband

The PRO Frame is made of high security plastic TR90.

  • Operating temperature: > 5°
  • Total Weight: 32g

  • Available variants

    • Racing Red
    • Darkstone
    • Taupe


    Ultimate vision. The SIOLS.System AERO Shields are striking and unmistakable . The large panoramic panes in retina quality are equipped with high-end contrast filters that allow brilliant image quality. The rear anti-reflective coating ensures reflection-free vision. The tinting of the AERO.Shields is tailored to different weather conditions.

    Thanks to the ACM ventilation of the AERO.Running Shields, the glasses do not tarnish and the reinforced ventilation technology in the nose and forehead area ensures a pleasant feeling during low-speed sports. Heat accumulation is avoided. The SIOLS glass technology aims for perfect vision, contrasts and colors in every detail. That's why the AERO.Running Shields are available in three different tints and finishes. They are prismatically balanced without distortion and optimized for various weather conditions with the protected Retina-Shield technology and the high-end contrast filter. The meticulously coordinated coatings offer high definition quality and, without exception, 100% UVA & UVB protection.

    In addition, they are equipped with a performance ET layer on the inside. This highly efficient refinement reduces unwanted reflections on the inside of the Sportshields to an absolute minimum, ensures an undisturbed panoramic view and improved contrast sensitivity.

    AERO.Shields fit perfectly are 100% UVA & UVB protection 400, distortion-free prismatic balanced.

    Available variants

    • Black Diamond Mirror: CAT 3, tint 75%, weather conditions: sunny
    • Blackberry Mirror: CAT 3, tint 80%, weather conditions: sunny
    • Peach Mirror: CAT 2, tint 30%, weather conditions: cloudy

    Air Circulation Management: From strong ventilation (VSN.Shield Running with 10-point ventilation) for very intensive sports activities, to protection against drafts and turbulence (VSN.Shield Biking with 6-point ventilation) for fast sports, to temperature compensation of up to 80 ° in winter: all system panes can be flexibly exchanged and used.

    The special construction of the frame encloses the head of the athlete ergonomically. This means that the sports glasses can be worn without any pressure points and therefore without pain, even during long training sessions, despite a firm grip. ErgoFit also guarantees a perfect fit, even in combination with a helmet. Thanks to the height-adjustable nose pad in 6 sizes, the sports glasses can be adapted to different nose anatomies as well as to different head sizes in connection with the lens sizes.

    Retina Shield: The design of every single lens in our range is the result of years of development work and thousands of test kilometers. Together with aerodynamics engineers, we developed our innovative ventilation technology for sports glasses in the wind tunnel. The result is a protected technology that we successfully use in all of our sports glasses: Retina Shield. It is the sum of all quality features of the SIOLS system lenses, which guarantee perfect vision and the best protection without compromise. An efficient and performance-oriented sports lens is characterized by its aerodynamic properties, ventilation and tinting. The lens is the "filter" between the environment and the eye and has two essential tasks. On the one hand to protect the eye from mechanical influences such as dust, on the other hand to support "seeing" as such through intensifying contrasts. Both components in combination with the best possible optical glazing result in the perfect sports glasses lens: the SIOLS VSN.Shield.

    The SIOLS prescription insert

    The OPT.Clip PRO is placed on the frame from the front, which means that the optical lenses have the same distance to the eyes as normal glasses. The OPT.Clip PRO merges with the shape of the frame and snaps firmly into place. The frame offers a perfect hold and the clip can still be easily clicked out. Even with very high eyesight. During sporting breaks, the VSN.Shield windscreen can be removed and the clip and frame can be worn as glasses.

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